FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get my finger sized for your rings?

To guarantee an exact size fit you have to be measured at our location but for anyone not in our city, you can get measured at any jewellery store using a wide band ring sizer. It is very important to use a wide band ring sizer to ensure an exact fit.

**If you are ordering a High-Quality Stainless Steel ring then it is recommended that you measure this ring for your middle finger. The reason behind this, is that the High-Quality Stainless Steel ring can only ever be sized a half a size up or a half a size down, therefore as your hands continue to grow or swell with weather you can move it to whichever finger that it will fit making it possible that it may never need sizing depending on your hand growth.


Is there a specific finger to wear the ring on?

No, this decision is your personal choice.


Where is your jewellery made?

All of our custom designed jewellery is made in Canada.


What is the black, blue, & red used in some of your jewellery?

This is jewellers enamel. The manufacturer has expertise in applying the enamel.


Is the Care Assistant Ring made with real diamonds?

The red diamonds are made out of a beautifully crafted enamel


How long does shipping normally take?

After processing your order (8-10 weeks), it will take approximately 2-3 business days for the product to arrive (International shipping may take longer) 


Do the rings have any type of warranty?

Your ring has a limited lifetime guarantee against imperfections in design, materials and workmanship. Every ring is individually inspected to ensure the product you receive is the finest that can be crafted. This warranty is void if any work is performed by anyone other than our manufacturer.